Do you take any type of carbide?

99% of Carbide or Tungsten based materials  will be purchased through RRCarbide.com, if you have materials that may have been exposed to radiation we ask to have them tested before arriving at our facility.

How do I get paid?

We understand your suspicion when sending high-value items to a company in the mail, however we feel that our National Carbide Division has built a loyal and trustworthy relationship with our current customer base. We encourage you to read some of our online Google Reviews for those that have sold to our…

How does shipping work?

Our team can provide you with boxes to ship the material with safely and also will be able to provide you with shipping and tracking information. If you have a pipe clogged you call a plumber…if you have metal that needs to be recycled let our team at Rockaway National…

How do I know how much my material is worth?

With many different types of carbide and tungsten products you are always welcome to send samples to our facility for quoting. Once we receive your samples we will use one of our XRF Analyzers which are calibrated daily and follow all local regulations. These results will be documented and shared…

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