How To Ship

Rockaway Recycling will not only pay you top rates for your carbide, tungsten, or other high-temperature alloys, but we will also provide you with shipping containers and free shipping labels. In business since 1977, the Rockaway family of brands has been paying customers through digital payments, checks, ACH, or in person.

With our easy-to-use shipping instructions, you will be able to receive packing bins for your carbide as well as instructions on how to package it and how to properly label/ship it. 

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Three words explain how RRCarbide can help you and your company go greener.

How To Ship Carbide via Mail

Corporate Shipping Options

With carbide and other metals being so dense and heavy, we will provide you with as many shipping containers as needed and can arrange shipping via normal carriers like UPS, or for larger shipments or palletized materials, we will provide pickup through a freight company as well.