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As a family owned and run business our team knows what it takes to deal both with one-on-one relationships as well as working with large companies. Not only have we been dealing with Tungsten based alloys since our inception, but our team has been trained to teach our customers how to become partners and how to become successful together.

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We pay top dollar for carbide scrap metal. Whether it’s from machine shop turnings or solids like carbide bits.

Carbide Could Be Slightly Magnetic

Don’t be fooled and think that your materials are steel, but carbide has a slight magnetic attraction. So if you are checking in with your magnet, don’t be surprised.

We Analyze All Our Carbide Materials

Learn More About Carbide & It’s Scrap Value

Carbide is one of the most common tools used in machine shops today.
Because it is such a reliable and hard alloy, it is great for cutting and the longevity on it. It’s hardness is equal to diamonds…thus making it one of the best (and most expensive) drill bits out there. A great metal to recycle because it is so dense and heavy that you will get a lot of weight in a small container.

We Will Analyze Your Material

Some people refer to carbide as Tungsten carbide, but it is more commonly known as carbide in the scrap world. Carbide is not a metal that you will find very often, it is not a common drill bit that is from hardware stores…but a very specialized drill bit (or any type of application) that will come from machine shops and other larger commercial industries.
Carbide is slightly magnetic…so don’t let that fool you to think that it is steel. If you don’t know if you have carbide that is no problem…just make sure you keep it separate and we will use our metal analyzer to confirm that it is carbide. Carbide end mills and carbide bits are some of, if not the most common tungsten-based items that we get in for scrap, so if you think that you have some other type of carbide or tungsten material bring it to us. We will use our XRF Analyzer, let you know what grade of material it is, and pay you a fair price for it.

85% Tungsten Minimum for Higher Pricing