High Speed Steel

High Speed Steel

High-Speed Steel has many types of drill bits ranging from M1 to T15. Each of these has different grades and values. Some of the more expensive types of HSS are the T grades as they will container more tungsten. If you have all types of HSS mixed together you will generally receive the lowest pricing for all materials due to the sorting time to separate them.

Different HSS Grades:

  • M1
  • M2
  • M4
  • M7
  • M36
  • M43
  • T1
  • T5
  • T15
Carbide High Speed Steel

Mixed Carbide w/HSS (High-Speed Steel)

Anytime that carbide is mixed together with HSS you will have a much lower price. While drill bits all can look similar, once they are mixed together they would have to get sorted and separated piece by piece. This creates a lot of extra work and will lower the value of the carbide pieces. High-speed steel has multiple types as well and if they are unsorted then the lowest price will be used.