Carbide Tungsten

Road Milling Bits



Historical Prices for Road milling Bits

Road milling bits are used all over the construction and asphalt world to help rip up old roads. These bits have a small nub of carbide on the ends to help go through the asphalt quickly and safely. These nubs will eventually wear from usage and instead of throwing them in with your steel scrap, you can sell them for a higher price. These will be bought at a minimum of (1) 55-gallon drum at a time and are bought at a price per pound, not at a material recovery. These are also used in the drilling and mining industries and most bits are not reused, but generally are always recycled.

  • Carbide Tipped Mining Bits
  • Asphalt Milling Teeth
  • Carbide Tipped Tricones
  • Fixed Cutting Matrix Bits
  • Mining Picks
  • Trenching Bits
  • Blasting Bits